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You can create any website, WordPress Theme, Joomla Template, online store, or personal portfolio in minutes with the Nicepage website builder without coding.

9000+ Website Templates

Use our easy-to-customize templates for web pages and blocks to build your website to go online today.

Media CollectiOns

Start with our rich collections of various media, including free and paid stock images and vector icons.

No Coding required

Build and edit layouts visually. Use the drag-and-drop, the most natural way to add and move website elements.

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You can export and import your works and export themes and templates for WordPress and Joomla.


Your web designs will look stunning on all modern screens. And you get your mobile-friendly website automatically.

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For Online Edition, you can assign your custom domain to go live and start growing your presence in minutes.

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Grow your online business with a faster presence and better work productivity.

We want to share a secret with you about creating the world's trendiest websites and themes designs. You will learn the basic principle and provide modern web design solutions to make world-class websites, themes, templates, and blogs. You will find it easy and very natural to create unique designs to stand out from the competitors and attract your customers' attention.

Discover Key Nicepage Features

We have over 200 powerful features to guarantee the simplicity, clarity, and productivity of your work.


The Grid Element allows you to place other elements that simplify the creation of responsive websites.

Social Icons

Easily add links to your social links to web pages and blocks. Choose various styles for icons.


Add images as the Gallery Element by dragging from the desktop, uploading, or choosing from stocks.

Repeated Carousel

Rotate columns of repeated layouts to present them in the form of a slider that adds interactivity to your designs.


Numbers are the perfect illustration of any achievement, and therefore the Counter Element is very popular.

Form Builder

Build various forms required to gather data from your website visitors. You can set the Submit options as needed.

Design With 15000+ Amazing Templates

Choose templates of different styles and functional applications. You can use customize all blocks on all sites.